BAACBH Attends Press Event for the National Coalition of the American People

On February 9, 2011 BAACBH Executive Director, Ms. Ajla Delkic attended a press event of a Coalition comprised of 130 ethnic and minority groups at a Capitol Hill press conference organized with the intent of establishing the National Museum of the American People in Washington D.C. The museum will tell the stories of all of the groups that came to the United States throughout its history, and will reflect the nation's original national motto: "E Pluribus Unum" – From Many We Are One. No federal tax dollars will be sought to build this museum; however, the Coalition will seek a bipartisan Presidential Commission to study the establishment of the museum, and a bipartisan Congressional resolution in support of the commission. The museum will tell the story of all American people, and will add to the advancement of knowledge, richness and diversity of the United States. BAACBH is proud to be the first Bosnian-American organization to join the Coalition; and as members of the Coalition, we look forward to having the story and the struggle of the Bosnian-American people be presented to all of our fellow countrymen.