BAACBH Attends “Road Map 2011” Conference in New York City

On September 22, 2011 BAACBH Director of Foreign Affairs Haris Hromic, Executive Director Ajla Delkic, and Intern Tyler Branscome attended the Federation of Balkan American Association's (FEBA) "Road Map 2011" Conference in New York City. The Conference was broken up into three parts, including an International Leadership Youth Symposium, U.S. Business Forum, and Balkan Leaders Summit.

During the Youth Symposium, students ages 16-35 were invited to come together and listen to heads and senior members of Balkan states, who gave lectures on international relations and the role of youth as future leaders.  During the Business Forum, speakers addressed the economic crisis both in the Balkan region and internationally and how some businesses and companies are not only surviving this crisis, but thriving as well.  Through this section of the Conference, the Forum was able to provide a space through which connections could be made between businesses both abroad and in the United States. The Balkan Leaders Summit served as a space where some of the Balkan region's highest ranked leaders could come together and focus on creating connections of teamwork and support within the region as well as supporting understanding, tolerance, and dialogue between member states. The Summit's purpose was to help join forces towards a common good through stable inter-state relations, collaboration on larger regional goals, and similar economic and multi-ethnic cooperation.

Although one event cannot solve all of the problems currently being dealt with in the Balkan region, the Road Map Conference hopefully served and will annually continue to serve as a catalyst for positive change, continued collaboration, and transformation within the region.