Bosnia Caucus Member Ed Markey (D-MA) sworn in as U.S. Senator

After serving 37 years in the United States House of Representatives, Edward J. Markey (D-MA), was sworn in as the Massachusetts Senator on Tuesday, July 16, 2013.
Senator Markey won the Congressional race against United States Representative Gabriel Gomez (R-MA) during the Massachusetts Special Elections on June 25, 2013, thus filling the seat that had previously been held by United States Secretary of State, John Kerry.
During his time in the United States House of Representatives, Senator Markey dedicated a significant portion of his time and energy into the fight against climate change as well as into the defense of human rights. A strong supporter of ending genocide globally, Senator Markey has proven to be a vital and valued member of the Congressional Caucus on Bosnia (Bosnian Caucus). Senator Markey understands the need to acknowledge past tragedies in order to prevent future ones.

After being sworn into office, Senator Markey stated: "My decision was to come to the Senate in order to be in the majority and to make [the] government work for every family in our country." Senator Markey succeeded Senator William Cowan (D-MA) who had served as an interim senator for Senator John Kerry (D-MA) following his appointment as Secretary of State.

ACBH congratulates Senator Ed Markey on his electoral victory in becoming the U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. ACBH is very grateful for Senator Markey's deep involvement in the Bosnian Caucus and appreciates his longstanding support for the country's progress, especially in regard to the protection of human rights.