“Bosnia: What Does Republika Srpska Want?”

On October 6, 2011, the International Crisis Group (ICG) published an article titled “Bosnia: What Does Republika Srpska Want?” In the article, ICG says that the RS, since its attempt at a referendum in June 2011, has redefined itself yet again as the piece of the Bosnian puzzle that is the most unstable. The ICG says that it doesn’t believe the RS will try to secede, but it does see the RS as a negative catalyst in a disastrous potentially violent reaction.

Next, the ICG plots out points of improvement and movement forward for the RS President Milorad Dodik, the RS Government, the National Assembly of RS, and the European Union. For the RS Government, most of the recommendations relate directly to alleviating tension and creating more positive relationships with both the Federation and the OHR. The ICG also implores President Dodik to work against corruption, equally distribute aid to all regions of the RS (most specifically the less developed eastern RS where many internally displaced persons (IDP) and refugees have returned), and speak publically in acknowledgement of responsibility for the genocide in Srebrenica and ethnic cleansing throughout Bosnia. The ICG asks the National Assembly of RS to “amend the RS constitution to limit the Vital National Interest veto to matters of genuine national interest and to remove the ambiguity that allows the Constitutional Court to circumvent the veto” (ICG).¬† Finally, the ICG asks the EU to support neither a seceded RS nor a fractured Bosnia as well as aid in high-level dialogue while keeping the rest of the international community informed about their judicial reforms.
For a link to the article, please see: What Does Republika Srpska Want