Clinton’s Message to Bosnia

BAACBH applauds U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on calling for constitutional reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) when she traveled to Sarajevo earlier this week. Secretary Clinton met with Bosnia's tripartite presidency and held a town hall meeting that included students and activists urging them to put aside their ethnic differences in order to attract foreign investors to BiH. Currently, the World Bank cites BiH as one of the worst places to do business and in order for BiH to become a member of the EU it has to have a functioning market economy. Furthermore, Secretary Clinton affirmed that the United States is fully engaged in its efforts to see to it that Bosnia and Herzegovina joins the European Union and becomes a member of NATO, warning that any moves towards secession would be opposed by the United States. Lastly, Secretary Clinton's main message urged BiH's current politicians and citizens to work together for a united country so that one day BiH can join the ranks of other EU and NATO members.