Summer Internship Program in US Congress

BAACBH Is Now Accepting Applications

BAACBH, with sponsorship from the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA), is accepting applications for an 8-week internship program for students and recent college graduates to work at the offices of members of the US Congress during the summer of 2009.

The internship program will provide an opportunity for four Bosnian-American students to live and work in Washington D.C. and become exposed to U.S. government institutions and policy-making processes. Through this program, BAACBH and TCA intend to contribute to the preparation of future Bosnian American political and social leaders, and enhance the participation of the Bosnian American community in American political life.

The “Summer Internship Program” will provide opportunities for prospective interns to meet with House and Senate members and engage in dialogue on matters important to Bosnian American relations. Interns are expected to attend an orientation sponsored by TCA and BAACBH at the beginning of their internship program and exchange ideas and experiences throughout their stay in Washington D.C. with the program organizers. During this eight-week period, program participants will have the opportunity to attend intellectual, social and cultural events, such as meetings at think-tanks, congressional hearings, events at the Bosnian Embassy, events that BAACBH organizes, and sightseeing tours of Washington D.C. monuments and museums. At the conclusion of the program, interns will be expected to present a report evaluating their internship experience and remain generally engaged within the Bosnian American community by emphasizing the importance of having their voices heard in Washington D.C.

Internships will last two months, between June and August 2009. They will include a monthly stipend between $250 (in-state participants) and $750 (out-of-state participants), based on the needs of the intern. No other costs will be covered by BAACBH and TCA.

Application requirements (all must be fulfilled):
1. US citizen of Bosnian descent
2. Relevant educational background and maturity
3. Excellent communication and writing skills
4. Past interest and experience in community and public service

How to Apply:

Applicants are required to submit their most recent CV and a one-page cover letter explaining their interest in community and public service, as well as their expectations of the program. The materials submitted should also include the names and contact information (phone and email) of at least 2 references. Applications should be e-mailed to Elmina Kulasic, BAACBH Executive Director at or mailed to:

The Bosniak-American Advisory Council for BiH
Summer Internship Program
815 Connecticut Ave., NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20006

Deadline for applications is November 24, 2008. The placement of interns will be decided by BAACBH. Applicants will be informed of their specific appointments by mid-January 2009.

Important: If a perspective intern is interested in an internship in the Spring Semester please contact Elmina Kulasic.

For further information, you may contact:

Elmina Kulasic
BAACBH Executive Director
Phone: (202) 291-7080