U.S. Congressional Delegation Travels to BiH

In early October, a Congressional delegation led by Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN), Chairman of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe and Eurasia traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina for a joint meeting with all three members of the Presidency of BiH. During the meeting, the participants discussed relations between BiH and the U.S, Euro-Atlantic integration, and other political issues. The U.S. was thanked for its help in stopping the Bosnian War and for its aid in post-conflict reconstruction. President Komsic emphasized the need for U.S. investors to invest in BiH. He also said that the Dayton Peace Accords should not be changed radically.

President Izetbegovic spoke about the importance of trust-building and reconciliation and that BiH needs the United States' help with this process. President Izetbegovic also stated the importance of alleviating decision-making barriers so that the country can function more efficiently. President Radmanovic added to the discussion by saying that that the only part of Dayton that should be changed is Annex 4, which would deal with applying the European Convention on Human Rights. He also spoke about how countries in the Balkans are not progressing at the same pace as the EU, which is detrimental to their future success in applying for and receiving membership. Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Nikola Spiric, was also present and informed the American delegation about BiH's current economic, political, and security status. He closed by stating that he believes that the only way issues within BiH can be solved is through "continuous internal dialogue."