U.S. Senate Passes New Resolution on Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Bosniak-American Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BAACBH) commends U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) for introducing Senate Resolution 697 (S. Res. 697) to recognize the 15th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords, which was considered and passed in the United States Senate on December 8, 2010.

The resolution praised the Dayton Peace Accords as a successful negotiation effort, which “established peace, restored human dignity, and laid the foundation for future progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” but also acknowledged the difficult road ahead for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and encouraged NATO and EU accession.

The resolution concluded with the following main acknowledgements and recommendations:: 

The Senate–
1. Recognizes the 15th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords;
2. Acknowledges the challenges Bosnia and Herzegovina still faces and commends the socioeconomic and political progress that is being made in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
3. Encourages the Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to adhere to the membership requirements of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization so that Bosnia and Herzegovina may join the alliance without delay;
4. Encourages the further integration and cooperation of European countries with the goal of establishing peace and economic prosperity for all of the people of Europe;
5. Renews the commitment of the United States to support the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
6. Urges the continuation of constitutional reforms, market-based economic growth, and improved dialogue between the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the elected Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina; and

BAACBH is thankful for this resolution and renewed commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina from the United States Senate. Please support our efforts to continue this work and see the promises of this resolution through to fruition.