Will Youth Lead the Way in Bosnia?

On April 4 2012, ACBH Executive Director Ms. Ajla Delkic participated as a guest on "The Stream" a social media community with its own daily TV show on the Al Jazeera English channel. Ms. Delkic as well as Jan Zlatan Kulenovic of the Youth Information Agency Bosnia and Herzegovina, Velma Saric, founder of the Post-Conflict Research Center and Darko Brkan, President of the Sarajevo based NGO, Zasto Ne? were invited to engage in a discussion on grassroots youth activists as agents of social and political change in Bosnia.

Ms. Delkic stressed that the current constitution violates human rights by identifying only Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks as the constituent peoples of BiH, which makes it impossible for Jews, Roma and other minorities to run for presidency or high political office. In addition, those who do not identify with the three so-called constituent peoples are not being represented by the current government of BiH.

Ms. Delkic also stressed the need for stronger U.S. involvement and constitutional reform in order for BiH to move forward and join the Euro-Atlantic community.

The interview is available at: Will youth lead the way in Bosnia?