BAACBH Condemns Attack on U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo

BAACBH strongly condemns the act of violence that occurred at the United States Embassy in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) today. According to news sources, Mevlid Jasarevic, an assailant from Novi Pazar, Serbia opened fire at the U.S. Embassy, injuring at least one police officer. BAACBH is thankful that no one inside the Embassy was hurt and our thoughts are with those that were injured.

BAACBH is outraged and deeply saddened by such an act of violence against the U.S. Embassy and the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The United States has played an extremely valuable role in BiH, and its support for a united and multi-ethnic Bosnia has been crucial to the peace process within BiH. We urge the proper authorities to immediately investigate this atrocious act of violence against the citizens of U.S. and BiH.