Congressman Russ Carnahan: We Must Remain Committed to Societal Justice

I join others in supporting the efforts of the UN War Crimes Tribunal and the International Community to apprehend Radovan Karadzic and bring him to justice.

Karadzic’s indictment nearly a decade ago,and now his arrest, refocuses attention on past atrocities in Bosnia and Herzegovina that will forever be remembered. We all hope that his capture can provide some peace of mind to the family members of victims who perished and suffered as a result of events he ordered.

I appreciate how much this means to the countless numbers who were forced to witness the terror he created. As a Representative of many Bosnian Americans in Congress, I understand that this does not close the book on matters of a decade ago, but is another welcome turn of the page on one of the most horrific chapters of history.

We must remain committed to societal justice, no matter how long overdue. Like Karadzic, those on the run must be brought before the court and stand trial for the unconscionable crimes they are accused of committing..