ACBH Supports JMBG Protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

ACBH's Vice President, Vehid Deumic, and ACBH Secretary Benjamin Tikvina joined the Bosnian American Washington, D.C. community on June 8, 2013, in support of the civil society in BiH. Last week, thousands of protesters  formed a chain around BiH's parliament in Sarajevo, preventing politicians from going home until they started doing their jobs.

The protests in Sarajevo began after lawmakers in BiH failed to agree on how to determine the new 13-digit personal identification number assigned to every citizen. This failure left all babies born since last February without the necessary documents needed to obtain health insurance or a passport. 

Approximately 1,500 government officials, including foreign guests, were freed on Friday morning. Despite this, the civil society of BiH refuses to give up and continues to demand accountability from their representatives. "There has been an outcry of support from individuals from all over the world and ACBH stands in solidarity with the citizens of BiH. We urge the BiH politicians to pass the necessary laws in order for babies to obtain proper documentation. The disregard by BiH's political elite for the well being of the country's citizens is unacceptable and has come to a new low. The best way for Bosnian Americans to help bring about a real change is to register and vote in the 2014 elections in BiH" stated ACBH Vice President, Vehid Deumic.

ACBH commends the Bosnian American community in Washington, D.C. for standing in solidarity with the citizens of BiH who wish to bring about an end to the country's political stalemate. ACBH urges lawmakers to fulfill their duties in order for BiH to move towards EU membership.