BAACBH and American University

AU On February 11, 2011 BAACBH Executive Director, Ajla Delkic was invited to speak to a group of Peace and Conflict Resolution students at American University in Washington D.C. Professor Eleftherios Michael, the Academic Director for the Peace and Conflict Resolution Program of the Washington Semester Program, who has more than a decade of experience in post-conflict zones, takes his students on a three-week visit to the Balkans (Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia and the United Nations in Vienna, Austria) each year. Ms. Delkic spoke about the current situation in Bosnia as well as the work BAACBH is currently doing in Washington D.C. in order to ensure that aggression and genocide against BiH and its people are never committed again. Ms. Delkic emphasized the need for truth and justice as well as cooperation and collaboration from all sides in order for BiH to become a member of the EU and NATO.

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